Photography by Grant Knight

Coming from humble beginnings in New Jersey, brothers Kendall and TerrenceĀ Smith have turned their shared passion for basketball into a successful training brand called Grndllshne. What started as shooting hoops together in their driveway has evolved into coaching and mentoring players from high school up to the professional ranks across the New York City area. Through hard work, dedication, and an unwavering love for the game, Terrence and KendallĀ  have made Grndllshne into a respected name on the basketball circuit. This photo essay takes you behind the scenes into the world of Grndllshne.
Terrence (left) and Kendall Jones, the founders of Grndllshne basketball training, grew up inseparable on and off the court in Newark, NJ.
"We wanted to create something that gave back to the community that raised us," says Kendall about the origins of Grndllshne.
From filming workouts to break down mechanics, no detail is too small for the Jones brothers in their pursuit of perfection.
In addition to on-court skills, Grndllshne coaches preach the importance of physical and mental conditioning.
From an early age, the Jones brothers were instilling the fundamentals of the game, spending countless hours perfecting their skills.
Respect, discipline and an unrelenting work ethic are core principles instilled in every Grndllshne player.
For many Grndllshne clients, Terrence and Kendall become not just trainers but mentors and role models.
Kendall offers hands-on feedback during a drill, pushing his players to reach their full potential.
Despite their success, Terrence and Kendall remain grounded, operating Grndllshne out of local gyms across NYC.
The ultimate goal? To one day have a Grndllshne player's name called at the NBA Draft.
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